Qualify First in Customer Loyalty

Lap the competition with exceptional customer service.

Let us help you deliver the best service

In today’s market of narrowing margins, internet price shopping, and decreasing manufacture brand loyalty, building a fan base for your company’s brand is more important than ever. FlatOut DMS has Customer Relationship Management (CRM) functionality built in. Deliver customized marketing and messaging that you know your customers are interested in based on what they have previously shopped for and purchased.   


Create an atmosphere where your customers get treated like family. Market to them by name, know what they have purchased from you, and know the service history of the machines you’ve sold them - all at a fingertips.

Foster Brand Loyalty

Create unique marketing campaigns

by utilizing insights from past sales and service experiences.

Make the customer experience personal

by engaging with them in personal and tailored way.

Forge proactive


by determining the most ideal times for customer engagement.