Preconfigured Role Centers that Fuel Productivity

Cut down lap time with the most vital information at your fingertips.

Role centers based on the user

The Role Center is your main point of entry (think homepage) into FlatOut DMS. You can use Role Centers to get an overview of the status of your day’s work.


A Role Center is a home page in FlatOut DMS for all users with a specific job role. For example, the Service Manager Role Center has been configured to reflect the tasks and priorities of a Service Manager. The Service Manager Role Center has also been personalized to meet the needs of a person who is carrying out this role. Each employee within a role can personalize the Role Center by saving queries, adding filters, and adding or removing fields, providing the information most relevant to their role directly at their fingertips.


Role Centers:


  • Display the specific tasks, information, and activities each role needs

  • Provide an overview of what each role has done and what tasks are next

  • Enable users to focus on their tasks and organize their time

  • Are easily personalized and customized by users, without the need for a programmer, to show the information or view that suits individual needs

Preconfigured FlatOut DMS Role Centers:


  • Finance/Accounting

  • President/Owner

  • Point of Sale

  • Purchasing Agent

  • Sales

  • Service Manager

  • Service Technician


Configurable Role Center Elements:


  • KPIs

  • Critical Reports

  • News Flashes/Notifications

  • Email